Tax Reform


Tax reform is the most important issue for our state’s economy. Rex Sinquefield is a key supporter of Let Voters Decide, a nonpartisan coalition working for economic growth and the protection of voters’ rights at the ballot box. The Let Voters Decide coalition supports the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act, a measure that would eliminate the individual income tax and replace it with a much more benign, pro-growth tax structure.

As a native Missourian with humble beginnings, Rex Sinquefield supports reforms that will help our state’s residents. The fact that Missouri ranks a dismal 48th in overall economic growth shows that our current system is not working. Replacing the personal income tax with a more pro-growth tax structure would put money back in Missourians’ paychecks, which means we can better provide for our families and grow our businesses.

The Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act is a common-sense approach to attracting new residents and businesses to our state. The act also protects working families, because it does not place a tax on the things we need, such as healthcare and childcare. The Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act is a real way to provide a bright future for all Missourians.


Let Voters Decide • Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act

Philanthropist and retired investment company executive Rex Sinquefield discusses two studies by PFM Group with Al Wiman, in an engaging five-minute video. One looks at alternatives to the 1 percent earnings tax in the city of Saint Louis. The other looks at areas where the city and Saint Louis County can collaborate on services. The studies were done for the Missouri Council for a Better Economy, a group funded by Sinquefield.