Local Control


Under an old law passed during the Civil War, the state government controls St. Louis City’s police operations and police budget. This antiquated law does not make sense from a safety perspective, nor does it make sense from a budgetary perspective. Rex Sinquefield, who grew up in the City of St. Louis, supports the Safer Missouri Citizens’ Coalition and its efforts to return control of the St. Louis police department to where it belongs: with the people and City of St. Louis.

The Safer Missouri Coalition Initiative will save state and local taxpayers millions of dollars and increase the efficiency, accountability, and effectiveness of the St. Louis Police Department.This initiative is supported by the St. Louis Police Officers Association, St. Louis City officials including Mayor Francis Slay, and taxpayer advocates. Plus, on a local referendum in 2010, nearly 70 percent of voters in St. Louis voted in favor of restoring local control of the St. Louis Police Department.


Efficiency • Accountability • Effectiveness

Rex Sinquefield and Travis Brown discuss restoring local control of the Saint Louis police force to the city of Saint Louis.