Rex Sinquefield and his wife, Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield, recognize the power of education. Missouri schools are in desperate need of education-reform policies that put kids first. All children in our state, regardless of socioeconomic background, deserve access to high-quality educational options. Kids should not be stuck in failed school districts. Along with thousands of other Missourians, the Sinquefields support education policies that include open enrollment, charter school expansion, and teacher-tenure reform. School districts and school leaders should be accountable for students’ performance and educational well-being.

At the heart of the Sinquefields’ foundation is a desire to improve educational opportunities, ensuring that each child gets the support needed to be successful. Here are a few programs supported by the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation:

Today and Tommorrow Educational Foundation

The Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation (TTEF), a nearly 20-year-old organization, provides needs-based tuition assistance scholarships to economically disadvantaged children throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis. TTEF funds and administers scholarships to allow disadvantaged families to send their children to their school of choice.

Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri supports individualized learning opportunities for all children through issue resolution, community education, and civic engagement. One of the ways CEAM does this is by encouraging every Missourian to get involved – including business and civic leaders — because success in improving our educational system depends on every Missourian . . . and because every Missourian depends on that success for a brighter future.

Special Learning Center

The Special Learning Center provides comprehensive, early intervention services for children with disabilities and developmental delays. For 15 years, the Sinquefields have been proud sponsors of an annual event benefiting the Special Learning Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation

Since receiving their first annual leadership gift of $500,000 from Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield in 2008, the Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation (TTEF) in St. Louis has leveraged that gift to raise $14 million in annual donations, and given away more than $30 million to assist more than 4,200 disadvantaged students in the region.

TTEF provides financial assistance so that children from economically disadvantaged families within the St. Louis region can get a quality education. “Philanthropists and educational choice advocates Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield’s early investment in the Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow scholarship fund inspired many other St. Louis civic leaders to contribute,” said Sharon Gerken, the Foundation’s executive director. “Because of their generosity, we are now preparing far more students from disadvantaged homes to achieve their educational potential and lead full and successful lives.”

For more about about TTEF, watch the embedded video above, and listen to Rex Sinquefield’s interviews with Charles Brennan of St. Louis’ CBS Radio affiliate KMOX (1120 AM) and McGraw Millhaven of KTRS (550 AM) using the embedded players below.


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