• Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis

    Rex Sinquefield founded the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, a venue where newcomers can learn the game and gurus can compete in local and national tournaments. more

  • Education Reform

    Rex Sinquefield and his wife, Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield, recognize the power of education. Missouri schools are in desperate need of education-reform policies that put kids first, and the Sinquefields are committed to improving education for all children. more

  • Efficiency • Accountability • Effectiveness

    Rex Sinquefield, who grew up in the City of St. Louis, supports the Safer Missouri Citizens’ Coalition and its efforts to return control of the St. Louis police department. more

  • Mizzou New Music Initiative

    The Sinquefields’ vision is to create an incubator for the composition and performance of new music, and to position Missouri as a major center for the music of tomorrow. more

  • Arch Grants

    Arch Grants is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to create a more robust startup culture and infrastructure in St. Louis. more


About Rex

Raised in Saint Vincent Orphanage in Saint Louis, Sinquefield earned a business degree from Saint Louis University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago, studying under Eugene Fama, the father of efficient markets.
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  • Philanthropy

    In 2005, Rex Sinquefield returned to Missouri, with the hopes of using his experience and success to invest in more philanthropic ventures.

  • Policy

    Rex Sinquefield supports free-market policies that promote growth and make Missouri a great state for families and businesses.

  • Articles & Interviews

    Rex Sinquefield dedicates much of his time and resources to improving Missouri. Learn more by watching these interviews and videos.

    Articles & Interviews